Care for your Flowers

So you’ve just received a beautiful bunch of flowers and you want to make them last. Here are our trusty florist’s tips on the best way to look after your flowers and get the most out of them.

  • Always use fresh water. If your flowers are in a vase change the water every day or so.
  • Every time you change the water, recut the ends of the stems to allow the water to flow freely up the stem
  • There are lots of old wives’ tales about what to add to the water but by far florists’ flower food is best added to fresh water – ask your florist for a sachet or 2.
  • Never keep fresh flowers near fruit – it will make them go off quicker (so why do you find flowers in the fruit section of a supermarket???!!!)
  • Keep them away from drafts or direct heat
  • Remember that flowers in Oasis or floral foam still need to be watered
  • As time goes on, remove any blooms that may drop first so the bacteria doesn’t contaminate your other flowers
  • Are you still changing the water regularly??
  • If the greenery is still going strong but most of the blooms have gone, don’t throw the greenery out. Pop into your florist and ask to purchase a few stems of flowers to add back with your greenery at home.

There is nothing nicer than walking into a room with a vase or arrangement of fresh flowers. With a little care you can enjoy them for even longer – why not have fresh flowers every day.

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