Just flowers

Are flowers really “just Flowers”??

As a florist we often hear customers refer to flowers as “just flowers”. Guys will often say “I just want some flowers” when they pop in to buy flowers for an anniversary or to get them out of the proverbial. They look around the store and see a range of colours and seasonal blooms, some made into bouquets, others into arrangements or vases and then there is a sea of colourful stems just waiting to be turned into something even more beautiful.

Brides will come in with a portfolio of Instagram and pinterest shots of highly stylised table decorations, wedding bouquets and arbours and then say “…I just want some flowers for …”. Her dress was ordered months ago, the venue was agreed on perhaps even before the date was set and she has secretly dreamed of having her wedding venue covered in delicious, pink peonies.

A daughter is planning her mother’s special birthday party where there will be celebrations and reunions of friends and family members. The cake has been ordered weeks even months ago and she has always wanted to show her mum just how thankful she is for all her love and support. She contacts us to find out what’s in season and says “I just want some flowers to put on the tables”.

It’s a good thing that we know that they are not ” just flowers”.

He says he “just wants some flowers” but we know that he wants to take home something to make her smile, to let her know he still cares and she is still his number one love.

A bride may say she “just wants some flowers for her wedding…” but we know she wants something that is going to compliment her stying and colours and stand out from the crowd – flowers that will last a lifetime in the photographs and memories of her most special day.

And a daughter might say she “just wants some flowers for the table decorations” but we know she wants to create something simple yet beautiful. Something that might even create a few tears of pride and joy when her mum enters the room.

A good florist will know that there is more than just flowers in the bouquet, table decorations or vase
there is love.

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